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I'm Makisa, the Owner and Creative Director of JoVew by MAKISA. I've forever had a love for art and romance for as long as I can remember, and also dreaming the unimaginable. This enthusiasm for creation ventured me down the part of design.

I obtained my BA of Fashion Design in Fine Arts from the Caribbean Academy of Fashion Design in 2012, feeling like I was on top of the world. Then a couple months later my mother passed away and my world stopped. My love for romance, my ability to dream the unimaginable came to a standstill. It was not until over a year later my world began to turn again, and now I can create my love story between my brand and myself through the JoVew handbags which I'm so honoured to share with you.

JoVew by Makisa was unofficially launched in 2014 while I was an assistant designer at a Fashion clothing company. The passion and commitment I place into creating a love story between you and your handbag is what the brand is about.

  Since graduating, I've been featured in local newspapers, magazines, fashion blogs and also on the regional television series Mission Catwalk.

Currently, the JoVew brand is dedicated to creating the ideal online shopping experience for you, the best in the Caribbean. Each handbag is handmade with love and with great quality by Me, and all artwork is handpainted by my amazing team. #madeintrinidad

The response to all the products thus far has been simply amazing, and the JoVew team is constantly working towards improving the product and the shopping experience. Feel free to share your #thatjovewgirl photos of you and your JoVew handbags with us and Happy Shopping!




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